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Political Science at the Vrije Universiteit

A strong combination of Comparative Politics and International Relations

The transnationalization of economic, social and political issues is increasingly reflected in the emergence of new institutional forms of regulation and governance, often labelled multi-level or polycentric governance (frequently in reference to the emerging political system of the European Union). At the same time, established patterns of politics and traditional (national) political actors such as electorates, parties, organized interests and governing bodies remain important and meaningful for studying processes of political adjustment and adaptation within a changing social and economic environment. 

It is precisely the intersection between (sub)national and international politics that is at the core of our reseach and educational programmes. The process of transnationalization and its political effects on national politics is strongest in the OECD area, although by no means restricted to that area (as witnessed by the current popularity of the term 'global governance'). Transnationalization and multi-level governance are thus key terms in the programme. These issues are studied within the context of interrelated disciplinary traditions: general political science, comparative politics, European integration studies and international relations.