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Deployment Votes

Wolfgang Wagner, Anna Herranz-Surrallés, Juliet Kaarbo, and Falk Ostermann (2017): Politicization, Party Politics and Military Missions. Deployment Votes in France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Discussion Paper SP IV 2017-101, WZB Berlin Social Science Center, available from https://bibliothek.wzb.eu/pdf/2017/iv17-101.pdf.
Data are available at http://deploymentvotewatch.eu/

Rehabilitation or Retribution? Cultures of Control and Policies towards Rogue States

Onderco, Michal & Wagner, Wolfgang (2012) Of Hawks and Doves: Mapping Policies toward Iran and North Korea. In The Nonproliferation Review, 19(2), pp.177-195

Results of the expert survey can be found here in Excel and CSV formats.

Attendance Patterns in the Parliamentary Assemblies of NATO and WEU

Wagner, Wolfgang forthcoming: Who’s Coming? Attendance Patterns in the Parliamentary Assemblies of NATO and WEU,  In: Crum, Ben/Fossum, John Erik (eds.) Practices of Inter-Parliamentary Coordination in International Politics. The European Union and beyond, ECPR Press.

Attendance data in NATO PA and WEU PA


The ParlCon data set records the presence or absence of ex ante parliamentary veto power for all country years between 1989 and 2004 in which a country scored “9” or “10” on the “combined Polity score” (2006 version of POLITY IV) .

A comprehensive documentation of the individual coding decisions can be found in: Wagner, Wolfgang, Peters, Dirk & Glahn, Cosima(2010).Parliamentary War Powers Around the World, 1989–2004. A New Dataset. Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of
Armed Forces (DCAF) Occasional Paper – No. 22.